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Product Name: PVC marble panel uv board marble-like pvc
Date: 2019-09-26 15:02:21
Material:PVC resin,Calcium powder and Additive
Item No.:9046
Color:Marble color
Feature:waterproof,fire retardant,environment friendly,etc
Application:hotels, restaurants, apartments,home,etc

Detailed introduction

PVC wall panel  can be used in interior walls,ceilings and furnitures like tables and closets for its outstanding features.It is waterproof, light weight,fire retardant, easy to install and maintain.

With its waterproof feature,it can be widely used for kitchen walls,bathroom walls,etc.

pvc marble panel uv board marble-like pvc (图1)   pvc marble panel uv board marble-like pvc (图2)

With its light weight feature,it can be used for ceilings decoration.

It’s in marble colors,wood grain colors,3D colors and pure colors.You will have kinds of choices for commercial decoration and residential decoration,places like offices,hotels,restaurants,coffee shops,apartments and so on.

pvc marble panel uv board marble-like pvc (图3)

It can be a decoration material replacement of wood, wallpaper, natural stone, and natural marble tiles.


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