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Product Name: In 2020, the hot product PVC wall panel is in online production
Date: 2020-05-26 15:36:34
Material:PVC resin,Calcium powder and Additive
Item No.:9015
Color:Marble color
Feature:waterproof,fire retardant,environment friendly,etc
Application:hotels, restaurants, apartments,home,etc

Detailed introduction

PVC wall panel is great builing material  for  wall decor, home/office decor, and related needs. 

It is very easy and quick to install. Also, it offers a natural marble appearance. There is appealing color and design for the contemporary decor. This product is light weight, cost-saving and long lifetime. Further, PVC marble sheet offers economical and practical interior decoration solutions. It is easily cut, sawed, drilled and glued. Ideal for decorative purposes, the PVC sheet is used at villa, hotels, restaurants, etc.  

In 2020, the hot product PVC marble sheet  is in online production (图1)

In 2020, the hot product PVC marble sheet  is in online production

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