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The ceiling of the WALL PANEL

The ceiling of the WALL PANEL

          As we all know, the current PVC wall panel on the market is loved by the majority of consumers, why? First of all, it comes from the composition of PVC wall panel, which is mainly composed of PVC and lime powder, which can make the weight of the sheet much lighter than the marble sheet, the price is much cheaper than the marble sheet, and can be bent, not easy to break, but also has the fire protection effect. Secondly, the PVC wal lpanel produced by Linyi Lusheng Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. has achieved the advantages of waterproof, fireproof, scratch resistance and environmental protection, so that consumers do not have to worry about the harm of formaldehyde.

          PVC wall panel currently has many styles and types, you can even choose your favorite graphics for 3D printing, it can be rated as the ceiling of the plate industry, such decoration, so that consumers not only live healthy, but also visually a kind of enjoyment, Linyi Lu Sheng Decorative Materials Co., LTD. PVC wall panel, It has been well received by domestic and foreign consumers. What are you waiting for?