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Since the beginning of July, in the face of the continuous high temperature, most people work comfortably in air-conditioned rooms. However, there are always people who need to bear the weight of the heat and heat for us. The sun is scorching, the feet are hot, and the sweat is like rain. , They insisted on fighting hard in their ordinary jobs, composing a work hymn of fighting the heat, fighting the scorching heat, and keeping the progress.

Highway Maintenance Worker: Keep the road smooth and you can't delay a moment

Highway construction team: Asphalt temperature reached 160°, was burnt by asphalt and hot sun

Sign processing workshop, squatting against the high temperature for welding several times,,,,

The same goes for our Lusheng employees. In the workshop under high temperature, everyone is sweating, and the production of pvc marble sheet and pvc wall panel is in short supply.

As an indoor and outdoor manufacturer, under the continuous high temperature environment, the customer's enthusiasm for ordering continues unabated. Wpc wall panel and pvc wall panel are the most popular products.

Not afraid of high temperatures and scorching heat, "We always adhere to the slogan of safety first, quality first".

Linyi: Perseverance under the high temperature(图1)

Linyi: Perseverance under the high temperature(图2)

Linyi: Perseverance under the high temperature(图3)

Linyi: Perseverance under the high temperature(图4)