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    In the field of interior decoration, the PVC sheets are more and more popular .It’s well-known for the matt modern PVC surface. The PVC sheet consist of PVC –Stone base, PVC film and PE protect film. The PVC-Stone based is composed of 35% PVC ,60% Calcium Carbonate and 5% additive .We choose the best raw material, No recycle material are accepted .The Low lead ,no harmful substance ,the PVC Sheet are more suitable for bedroom, especially the baby’s room.

    The PVC sheet is easy to install .Keep the wall smooth first and then glue the PVC sheet on the wall.

More and more people choose the new decoration material ,PVC sheet for wall decoration ,ceiling ,table background in bedroom ,kitchen, drawing room bathroom and corridor as alternative of stone ,wood ,wall paper and paint .

     The PVC sheet is much light than stone and more flexible .The weight of a piece is 18.6 KG for thickness 3mm,It’s much easy to delivery and install . The PVC sheet can be bent and fold in half ,you can cut the PVC sheet into your size easily  . The PVC sheet is much suitable for different design because  PVC sheet have more various colors than stone ,such as the marble, granite or wood color .Last but not least, PVC sheet is much cheaper than stone and we can decorate more home with same cost.

    The PVC is Fire-proof ,mould –proof and water proof as the wood alternative and it’s much light than wood and more flexible. It’s much safe for kitchen decoration and it’s much better to decorate the bathroom.

    The PVC sheet is Eco –friendly ,which has less formaldehyde than the oil paint. Most house-owner choose PVC sheet for baby’s or the pregnant .

     As the new interior decoration material ,the PVC sheet are more and more popular around the world .No more hesitations ,choose the easy –install PVC sheet to make your house or office more modern and luxury .

Why the PVC sheets are so popular?(图1)

Why the PVC sheets are so popular?(图2)

Why the PVC sheets are so popular?(图3)