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Go out to play?When to go out?Let us go out for a tour?

    In such a seaon that spring blossoms and everything comes back to life,the boss is asked to play outside by everyone.Finally,we successed.

    At this time,we dont need to care about how heavy the pvc marble sheet is,how many colors PVC panel have and how many thickness of PVC WALL PANEL.We just need to tie the balloons on the bike,putting on the caps,riding bike and then start for joy.

We all rode along the river, with seeing bright red blossoms and green willows and listening to the birds caper, so all the way were filled with singing and joy.After riding one hour,we arrived at the appointed venue and the game began.Although there are less than 20persons for the game,we rode like an Olympic vigour.We played by group:who selling PVC MARBLE SHEET in the domestic market belong to a group,who selling PS FRAME MOULDINGS in the domestic market belong to a group and who selling PVC MARBLE SHEET and PS FRAME MOULDING abroad belong to a group.The international trade department won the first,which makes them very happy.

Its fun to play and also for work,too.Life is with such a little bit of happiness which make up of our happy life time in the present.

Spring outing day in April(图1)

Spring outing day in April(图2)

Spring outing day in April(图3)