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NOTICE FOR PRICE INCREASE OF  LINYI LUSHENG DECORATION MATERIALS CO.,LTD.(图1)NOTICE FOR PRICE INCREASE OF  LINYI LUSHENG DECORATION MATERIALS CO.,LTD.(图2)NOTICE FOR PRICE INCREASE OF  LINYI LUSHENG DECORATION MATERIALS CO.,LTD.(图3)Notice:Price of Aluminum raw material increased;Notice:Price of PVC raw material increased;Notice:Price of carton increased;Notive:Shipping freight is increasing......One more notice:The exchange rate declined from RMB to USD.

As for a professional manufacturer of PVC marble sheet,our products including our new product WPC wall panel contain PVC raw material,cartons of packing,aluminum strip for fittings and PVC moulding for decoration,which are all increasing from the cost.This makes it more difficult for us to export.We need understanding and support from customers.

For the questions above,we can only solve like the followings:

1.For the customers who had ordered PVC marble sheet,they can pay the balance according to the previous price.

2.For the customers we had quoted,we will keep the precious price if customers can take the order within 10 days.

3.For the old customers who will take the order of PVC marble sheet and pay the deposit recently,we can also keep the precious price within 10 days,but we will inform them about the new price in advance.If they will order after 10 days,we will make it with the new price.

4.During this period,all the prices will be calculated by the new exchange rate and valid for 10 days in the meantime.

5.Lock the exchange rate:we will calculate a standard price based on the fixed exchange rate.Customers can pay the deposit or balance according to the change of exchange rate.If the rate increases,customers can pay less amount.If the rate declines,customers need to pay more amount.

The orders rise sharply at the end of the year. In order not to delay the usage for customers, we advise you to take orders in advance.

In the end,thanks very much for the kind understanding and support from all of our customers.



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                 NOVEMBER 18,2020 Wednesday