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R&D and promotion of whole house decoration environmental materials

The whole house decoration is the most fashionable style at present.Linyi Lusheng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. pursues innovation constantly, whether producing indoor wall materials or indoor floor materials, the company is constantly innovative.

For building materials,we make PVC marble sheet,PVC wall panel and PVC moulding.Now we have added new product named WPC wall panel which includes wood series and decorative boards series.WPC wall panel is appplied to background walls decoration and matches perfectly to PVC marble sheet.

WPC wall panel is mixed with a small amount of plastic ingredients, which can not only effectively remove the defects of natural wood, but also have new functions such as waterproof, termite resistant and corrosion resistant. The surface is smooth and can be used directly without painting.The most important is that the main ingredients are wood,chips and slag wood.The product completely preserves the natural sense of wood, texture with solid wood, and can be nailed, twist drill, planer, lacquer, bending elasticity is particularly strong, invariable, not cracked, no color spot, and mildew spot.Do not need to sand, can be painted after polishing, processing cost is very low and easy to install.

Based on your detailed address,we will send you samples of WPC wall panel,PVC marble sheet and PVC wall panel for free.Welcome your messages for more questions.

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