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The weather report of the city which producing PVC marble sheet

As a professional factory mainly producing and exporting PVC decorative mouldings,PVC marble sheet and PVC wall panel,the weather we don’t want is raining when loading.There are 31days within August,but it had rained nearly forty times......

It is year 2020.Since it comes into the Summer season,it rains nealy every day,morning,noon and night,which had lasted for two months.

Inside the city, several cars had been floored by the water on the ground.Last week,the water from a moat had been over the river bank.There was a driver who didn’t notice that and drived directly into the river.Luckily,the driver was saved,otherwise it will be a severe tragedy.The houses of top floor usually leak rain in the city.It will be better and doesn’t matter even the water flows past if decorated with PVC marble sheet and PVC wall panel.But for houses with wallpaper,it will be a little worse.The wallpaper will become warped and mildew if bubbled over.Here is the suggestion,using materials which is ok under water when decorating window sides or houses of top floor.PVC marble sheet or PVC wall panel is a good choice especially doing enough work for waterproof.

In the village,precipitation is up to 380 mm at night.It occured to a country in our city,for low-lying areas, there existed too much water and the water rushed into the house.Tables and chairs in the room were floating above the water.For areas with larger water,cattle,sheep,pigs and dogs were swept into the water and carried downstream.The heavy rain is still here and we don’t down how long it will last,which is terrible and worring.There were some miserable houses which were washed down,the government had arranged armed police to move people.Hope there will be with no damage.

When it occured to heavy rain,we will stop loading PVC marble sheet during the process.No problem for PVC marble sheet,the problem is packing wooden pallets.If pallets meet water,they will become mildewed over time.It looks not beautiful.So when we load PVC marble sheet,we will continue to going on when the rain stopped or the rain is becoming very small.Certainly,the rain will not influence producing PVC marble sheet.We will choose loading date when it is not rainy.

One customer from the America just took the order with 2600 pcs of PVC marble sheet.I asked the colleague the process of order.He said that the customer wanted to do decoration and asked for samples.The customers loves these products very much when he checked the samples.So he purchased 300pcs of PVC marble sheet in 4mm in one color for personal usage.Based on the wonderful colors and easy installation,so he wants to buy again and sell locally.

It finished here about rainy season report.When Covid-19 passes over and there is no rain,welcome to come to our city for visiting and choose PVC wall panel you like.

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